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Gaming on Linux doesn't have to mean buying a ludicrously priced GPU (thanks crypto miners!). The cutting edge 8-bit graphics and sound wowed gamers, and titles like Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania and Final Fantasy are still producing sequels today. When you look at the likes of The Last Of Us, it's impossible to overstate just how far video games have come since people were playing Pong forty-odd years ago.

I really enjoy collecting games and going through lots of flea markets for it. Although I want to do what some other collectors like metal jesus do. Play every game in my collection for atleast an hour. Featuring the latest classic gaming news around, informative reviews and an ever active forum, you'll feel right at home with other retro gamers.

It could also be possible to use the popular video games of yesterday as health interventions to delay the onset of dementia , following a line of research showing video games to have cognitive and physical health benefits for older populations. Most of their games have a retro theme and feel to them.

The study has limitations — the largest being that participants did not get to play their older games, so we don't know if their nostalgic memories would be the same if they actually replayed the games — but it helped us better understand gaming nostalgia and its potential effects.

I only collect games I want to play. Mario-themed games have sold over 550 million copies since the character's introduction, in 1981. Memories of video games were enough to induce nostalgia that, in turn, made those people feel a little closer to those around them right now.

Retroguru games will not fill up nerdoutwithme your entire harddisk, our games are optimized to be tiny in size. I just don't see the appeal of collections, and especially displaying them. In our second episode, we discuss retro pinball games, talk about what upcoming holiday releases we're looking forward to, and remark how creepy Jeff's moustache is.

By 2012, my love of collecting videogames took me to Japan, and I was in heaven: compared to places like eBay, the prices of old games were incredibly cheap. I love stuff like that, it's so neat when games utilize backgrounds this way. I played games last week and I couldn't even tell you if they had music at all.

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